How and Why to Make the Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance and Retirement Accounts a Trust

The Problem – The average inheritance will typically be exhausted within 14 months by the beneficiary!

The Solution – Direct all, or portions, of your life insurance, retirement plans, and IRA’s into a trust, which with its own distribution schedule, will allow you to restrict when, and how the money will be used.

How? – Naming a Kiss Trust as the beneficiary for all or a portion of your existing life insurance, retirement plans, or IRA’s is a simple process and can provide significant advantages to your legacy planning.

The process requires no approval, or permission, from anyone to change the beneficiary destination for any of the above type accounts or policies. Simply amend the beneficiary section by providing the full name of the Kiss Trust you wish to receive the proceeds and its tax ID number. Also, amend the name and contact information for the trustee (Eastern Point Trust Company).

What Are The Advantages?

By naming a Kiss Trust as the beneficiary, you are insuring that the money you have allocated will only be available per the terms of the trust. This can help ensure that lump sum inheritance is not quickly depleted.

The Steps

 1.Create a Kiss Trust if you have not already done so.
2.Amend your accounts and life insurance policies with the name and tax ID of the trust(s).
3.Allocate the percentage of assets to go into the selected trusts.
4.Provide the Trustees information on the accounts/policy paperwork.
5.Inform the Trustee of the account change.
6.Rest easy knowing that the proceeds will be protected and your wishes will be followed.

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Kiss Trust is a trademark of Eastern Point Trust Company. 

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