Memorial Trust – Kiss Trust Provides Solutions

Kiss Trust is proud to offer a quick and inexpensive solution for the creation of Memorial Trusts.

Memorial Trusts can be used by families, friends or even a community to create a memorial financial safety net for surviving loved ones of the deceased.

As with every Kiss Trust, you set the rules on how the money in the trust can be used and when it can be used, all under the watchful eye of Eastern Point Trust Company as the Trustee.

Here are some examples of how Kiss Trust has been used as a Memorial Trust:

Memorial for Fallen Officer. A decorated local police officer dies tragically. The Police Union and local bereaved friends contacted Eastern Point Trust Company to help. Waiving all fees, a Kiss Trust was donated as an educational saving trust for the unfortunate children of the fallen officer. It was funded by donations from his fellow officers and the community.

Memorial Trust for Surviving Children. A local legend in the California music industry accidentally died, leaving behind a young family. Eastern Point Trust Company was asked to help. A benefit concert was held and the proceeds went to funding a Kiss Trust to benefit the needs of his surviving children. Eastern Point Trust Company is proud to donate the Kiss Trust in needy causes such as this.

Memorial Trust for Grandchildren. A grandmother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer only had a short time to live. She created her own set of memorial trusts benefiting her grandchildren to ensure their education needs would be financed. She funded the trust with a combination of her existing assets and made the trust the death beneficiary of her life insurance policies and IRAs.

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