Kiss Trust Introduces New Product as an Innovative Solution to Divorce Planning

Bel Air, MD (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Kiss Trust, a division of Eastern Point Trust Company, offers a solution to divorcing families with children. Kiss Trust provides an affordable savings trust product that prevents unauthorized access to college savings by either parent – while insuring the funds are available when needed.

“It is a common story, the assets set aside for a child into a custodial account as part of a divorce agreement are misused by one of the parents, or one parent does not trust the other to use the money properly ” said Ned Armand, President of Kiss Trust. “Historically utilizing a trust along with an institutional trustee, while the ideal solution, was too costly for most families. Now, Kiss Trust prevents unauthorized access by either parent. In addition, because Kiss Trust is an irrevocable savings trust it provides other added benefits such as improved student financial aid results, and can be created online by anyone in as little as 20 minutes.”

Armand observed, “Each trust includes ongoing professional trustee services which ensure that one parent cannot access funds set aside for a child. The annual trustee service fee is waived for qualifying clients, removing cost as a barrier. We are changing the way everyone views trusts, by making affordable services easily available to everyone.”

A Kiss Trust can be created for as little as a $99 one time setup fee and there is no minimum initial gift amount. Users also have access to over 5,000 name brand mutual funds – including load-waived funds, no-load funds and tax-free funds.

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About Kiss Trust Kiss Trust is a division of Eastern Point Trust Company and is the nation’s exclusive provider of online savings trust document services and trust administration services. The company was founded and is staffed by top talents in law, trusts and technology to make the benefits and protections of trusts accessible and affordable to everyone. Eastern Point Trust Company is not a law firm. Eastern Point Trust Company is a non-depository trust company with multiple regional offices. Eastern Point Trust Company provides fiduciary and trust administration services for trusts sitused in all 50 states.

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